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A Bit About Us

Hello, I am Kristina! I'm a mom, wife, homemaker, and full-time executive assistant. I started 491 West Main St. as a creative outlet where I shared the journey of our home build, homemaking tips, easy recipes, and home DIY projects. ​

I grew up learning all about homemaking from my mom and grandma. Through the years I dabbled in hospitality and started to learn more about interior design. Home is where I love to be!

In my early twenties, I was a missionary. I served both domestically and internationally doing things like hurricane clean-up after Katrina and Rita, working with AIDS patients in India, and teaching English in China. I spent about 7 years traveling to the less developed parts of the world and gave all of myself to those I was serving. At the end of my time, I began to long for a family of my own and a house to call home. It would take some time, but I married the best man I know and we have one of the best little boys around.

You will read on this site a lot about Down Syndrome. Our son was born with an extra chromosome and our whole family changed for the better. You can read our story on the blog. 

I hope to fill this site with more content for all the homemakers out there! 

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