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Washing Tags Continued...

Today we are looking at the next set of symbols; Washing Temperatures & Machine Settings.

Washing temperatures play a crucial role in not only color preserving your clothes, but also helping conserve energy.

This bring me to the first set of symbols. We have Cold, Warm and Hot.


Cold Wash Cycle

  • Prevents Shrinking

  • Prevents Color Fading

  • Saves Energy (no energy used to heat water)

Warm Wash Cycle

  • Fights Tough Stains (added heat helps loosen up the stain)

  • Saves Some Energy

Hot Wash Cycle

  • Sanitizes Laundry

  • Color Can Fade

  • Many Fabrics will Shrink


You will need to make sure you are correctly machine washing your clothes. With the new fancy washer and dryers these days who even knows which setting is best?? The washing tags do;)

Normal Wash Setting

The symbol is a normal wash.

Super simple and easy.

Permanent Press Setting

Do you actually know what Permanent Press means? I didn’t so I looked it up… It’s a wrinkle control setting used to help remove or reduce wrinkles in wrinkle-prone clothing like polyester, nylon, acrylic, rayon, and knitwear. These are non-iron fabrics.

Delicate Cycle Setting

Don’t let Permanent Press confuse you as a delicate cycle, though. If you see this symbol then it’s best to wash these items on a delicate cycle to prevent damage.

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