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DIY Halloween Spiders

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Make these creepy, crawly giant spiders for your Halloween decor! They can be hung indoors and outdoors.

Easy DIY Spider | A Complete How-To Guide

I wasn't going to decorate for Halloween this year. I just wanted to dive deep into Fall and pumpkins! It's the first Halloween in our new home and my sister will be over... and it is her birthday. I decided to go with a spider theme outdoors and because I am a crafter/DIYer at heart, I just had to make the decor.

These spiders were SO easy to make and inexpensive. Just wait to see how we use them outside!

Step #1 - Get Your Supplies

Supplies Needed (one spider)

1 - 6" Foam Ball

1 - 3" Foam Ball

54 - Black Pipe Cleaners

1 Long Wooden Skewer

Black Spray Paint

Click HERE to find all items in one place.

Step #2 - Attach Foam Balls with Wooden Skewer

Step #3 - Spray Paint Time

Note: I used an extra wooden skewer to help prop up the foam balls for painting.

Step #4 - Make the Legs

Twist together three pipe cleaners. I use three because it makes the legs thicker and more noticeable... you can use as many as you'd like, though.

Step #5 - Fasten the Legs to the Body

Poke the legs into the foam ball, inserting at least 1/4" into the styrofoam. Remember, spiders have 8 legs!

Quick, Easy Spiders!

Just wait to see how we use them in our outdoor decor! You can find all the supplies you need HERE.

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