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Nut & Oat Milk Maker

I've seen many ads on social media about these nut and oat milk machines. I have to admit... I was immediately intrigued. I'm not a vegan and I don't follow a strict non-dairy diet, however, I do try to avoid dairy when possible. Also, I love the taste of nut milks.

I did some research and decided to purchase the Nutr Machine. It took me a few tries to figure things out, but when I did, I unlocked a whole new world! The milk is fresh and room temp so that took a little getting used to.

Now, the Nutr machine is a single-use machine, meaning it only prepares one or two servings in one batch. There are other machines out there that make larger servings, but this was the best one for me.

I usually use almond milk in my morning iced coffee and decided to take a stab at making my own. I figured out the best recipe for the perfect coconut almond iced coffee:


2 Tbsp Raw Almonds

  • You can soak your almonds overnight for more creamy milk. Also, you can use almonds with skin or without skin, however, I prefer with skin... that's where the flavor is!

1 Tbsp Coconut

  • Shredded, sweetened, or unsweetened. I use sweetened.

1/4 tsp Vanilla Extract

1 Date, pitted (optional for extra flavor)

1 Cup of Coffee/Water

  • You can use straight coffee if you desire a strong coffee taste. I use a little bit of distilled water to help smooth out the flavor.

Check out my video from IG...


Add all the ingredients straight to the Nutr machine and run on the "room temp" setting.

The Nutr Machine has different temperature settings; room temp, warm, and hot. This way you can choose the temp of your beverage.

I am partnering with the Nutr Machine and if you use code KD10, you'll get $10 off your purchase. Buy yours here and let me know what things you make!

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